Make your agents your competitive advantage

Empower your agents to deliver a stellar customer experience in every conversation with our customizable conversation intelligence platform. RepsMate analyzes 100% of your customers’ interactions and turns them into actionable insights to fix gaps in your service.

Brands that choose RepsMate to boost customer satisfaction and agents’ efficiency


We understand your industry

By monitoring, analyzing and understanding your customers’ interactions, RepsMate makes it easier to stay on top of all customer relationships your business benefits from. We achieve that by identifying and tracking various trends and targets, thus gaining access to a deeper level of comprehension regarding those interactions and creating a culture of continuous improvement within your business.



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How does RepsMate work?

Understand voice and text conversations to uncover the insights needed to improve your business and increase customer satisfaction.

We transcribe

Our proprietary AI is able to learn any language in less than 2 months and bring it to 95%-97% accuracy.

Upon partnering up, we always fine-tune the dictionary based on your project’s needs.

We evaluate

RepsMate supports your QA evaluation form and automatically evaluates 100% of calls your way.

Nothing changes.

We analyze

With our BI-based insights platform, everything in RepsMate is quantifiable.

From alerts to keywords to emotions and so on, your business will benefit of top tier actionable insights and help in improving the customer experience exponentially.

We coach

RepsMate is also meant to be the representative’s friend. Ways of sending individual insights, comments and alerts to specific representatives are available at your fingertips.

Get started in a week.

Our implementation application is very quick and easy to use and based on your security needs, RepsMate can be installed either in cloud or on-premise. We just need to have a chat with your IT folks.


What clients say about working with us

How RepsMate enhances your QA team

A normal QA team listens to only 5% of all calls once, takes time to fill in the evaluation forms and then listens to the calls again while coaching the agents. They then take even more time having a feedback conversation with those reps.
RepsMate listens to all calls once, transcribes and splits the speakers, evaluates, summarizes the agent feedback and sends it to your QA team. Therefore, they can stop listening to random calls altogether.

It uses a customizable scorecard that can be built based on your evaluation form, takes into account all possible call reasons, triggers them based on specific keywords and agent CRM dispositions and provides an accurate score/grade.

Drive operational efficiency

Every word. Every sentence. Every emotion. Every scorecard. Every flag.

We turn everything into data and insights in order to boost your knowledge about your operations. Using a BI-based platform, we can customize your insights the way you want it.

Real-time actions

We know how customer complaints can affect your business.

With flags and alerts, all calls that include certain “red-flag” keywords and phrases, as well as negative customer emotions, are flagged and can be instantly sent to you via e-mail/notification as soon as they are processed. This way, you can have the upper hand and the chance to resolve and coach before those situations escalate.