Above and Beyond Customer Experience is Everything

We kept saying it and we repeat, it is obvious that we live in the customer era. The technology is extraordinary, not only for you as a company, but also for the customer who has many options, more than ever.

More and more customers focus on experience when choosing a brand. Thus, the expectations of customers when it comes to an experience is for a brand to rise to their level.

But Customer Experience initiatives need to become a priority, not only for dedicated departments but for the entire company, management included. But the effort will be rewarded!

Studies show how much customers pay attention to their brand experience, which can significantly impact your business.

Today, Customer Experience (CX) may be more important than ever

It is there, out in the open, that an exceptional CX is a key to a company’s brand success – both in the short and long term. Let’s take a look at the studies:

  • 86% of CX professionals involved or leading are expected to compete on a CX basis – via Gartner;
  • 87% of senior business leaders in the US and the UK see CX as their engine of growth, but only 1 in 3 feel ready to solve it. – North Highland, via Consulting.us;
  • The CX management market in the US reached $ 2.9 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow by 15.3% each year from 2022 to 2030 via Grand View Research.

But what are the criteria that make an experience exceptional?

Source: pwc.com

Time is the most important resource, as studies show, we all know it. Looking at the chart above we can see that 8% of respondents say that speed, comfort, informed help and friendly services are the most important elements of a positive customer experience. Priority is given to technologies that come with these benefits, to the detriment of the adoption of new technologies.

It is important for customers that the technology works flawlessly, and the design of a website or application must be super easy to use. So, progress, and small fireworks do not matter much if speed, comfort, and information at hand are missing.

If companies pay attention to customer expectations and meet or exceed them, they will reap a multitude of benefits, including financial gains.

At the same time, when do consumers stop interacting with a brand they love?

An unpleasant customer experience with your company’s brand can have devastating effects. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic-driven world of Earl. Really lost.

According to PWC studies, 47% of clients will leave after experiencing several bad experiences, while 32% will leave after one.

Source: pwc.com

But what about Generation Z?

The results obtained from the research show that Generation Z does not have a different opinion. Instead, their definitions and concepts could be.

They expect speed, but … something instantaneous. The transition from one device to another should go smoothly. Generation Z is no different from Millennial Generation and Gen X, there are some nuances worth understanding if you are trying to attract preadolescents, teens, and young adults.

Source: pwc.com

In Conclusion

You, too, are a customer. And you have requirements. You probably want speed, comfort, and access to information, right? Remember these two things:

  1. Customers are the ones who generate revenue. Employees lead the experience.
  2. Technology does not replace experience. Is the only one who activates an exceptional experience.

And here… comes our question: Are you ready to transform your Customer Experience?

RepsMate team has built a solution that covers many contacts center needs. Take a look at some functionalities of the platform:

  • It saves up to 80% of costs related to monitoring calls;
  • It automatically scores 100% of calls and eliminates random evaluations;
  • It helps officers to evaluate 9x faster;
  • It identifies Non-Compliance interactions to prevent complaints;
  • It identifies customers complaints based on customers interaction;
  • It identifies customer needs and preferences to assist business decisions;
  • It identifies representatives’ improving opportunities;
  • It helps managers to deliver high-quality feedback and boosts trust and transparency.

Do you want to increase your customer experience? Write to us and one of our colleagues can guide you to choose what suits your business!
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