Automated Quality Management Under the Microscope

In the 1980s, quality management (QM) processes were implemented. Call center supervisors traditionally monitored agents’ activities. Monitoring their activity and comparing performance was done on a single scale or with a single scoreboard.

Therefore, traditional QM involves manually listening to entire calls. Because of this, supervisors often evaluate only 3-5 random calls per agent per month. Doing a quick calculation means less than 1% of all customer conversations.

Moreover, the whole process of scoring appeals involves a subjective judgment. This approach cannot provide a reliable assessment of overall performance. It is even more difficult to gather meaningful information about specific performance.

Simply put, every call center has many agents who make many calls, and it’s hard to know exactly what’s going on – even when all the calls are recorded.

Speech Analytics nowadays

Through Speech Analytics, the entire process of monitoring calls is fully automated and objective.

With on-call analysis and the ability to capture every part of the conversation – not just recognizing the keywords that most traditional QMs have fixed on their old systems – the result is a lot of useful information presented in a table easy-to-use dashboard with configurable dashboard values.

Quality of speech analysis allows contact centers to identify exactly where agents need help and to continuously measure progress through key performance indicators.

Supervisors can now rely on data when they need to make a decision. Automatic scoreboards save search hours by millions of recorded calls, quickly finding exact examples of an agent’s behavior in seconds.

Automated Scorecard provides steady and authentic feedback

The automated scoreboard can provide more segmented information about customer calls and agent performance. This adds value to traditional Quality Management processes. In addition, it involves the use of fewer resources.

Through Speech Analytics, team leaders/managers can compare key values between teams or departments. Thus, training opportunities can be identified much more easily. Problems can be assessed quickly – whether it is a first instance or a trend.

Partial or total replacement of traditional QM processes with a single component of Speech Analytics can generate a quick ROIand save time.

Other valuable insights from Automated Speech Analytics

Identify Percent Silence – With Speech Analytics, you can quickly identify the quiet moments that appear in a call with customers. This way you can determine what caused the silence. For example, the agent may search for information, the client is put on hold, or it is transferred to another department, or the client is not satisfied with the information received.

Customer unhappiness caused by call handling for too long – Average handling time (AHT) is another key metric of performance. Understanding the times/situations in which dead times occur is essential. From slow transfer procedures, slow connections, poor knowledge to poor IVR / ACD routes, all this decreases productivity and profitability.

Call Duration – Measuring the duration of a call by an agent/team can help the entire organization. How? Identifying quality issues. Traditional QM processes often fail to detect these problems.

The benefits of Automated Quality Management for the entire organization

Cost efficiency – Moving the resources of the contact center into projects, departments, or initiatives where there is a huge need. This restores a balance between customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Risk Reduction – Ensure that agents provide the necessary disclosures and comply with mandatory scriptures, helping to reduce the risk of non-compliance and potential associated penalties.

Improve FCR and Customer Satisfaction – Improve the quality of interactions between your customers and agents by redirecting resources to improve employee knowledge.

Employee satisfaction – Consistent performance evaluations in a transparent and objective manner.


Through Speech Analytics and its ability to automatically render quality reports, it provides the contact centers with the overview they need to intervene in a totally positive and fast way in the agents’ performance. On this occasion, the general objectives can be monitored.

Organizations can easily configure their dashboards to measure the values they need – performance individuals, teams, and the entire operation.

Repsmate is a Conversations Intelligence Platform that helps teams gain valuable information through Speech Analytics, Emotions Recognition, Automatic Quality, and Compliance Assurance and Insights that can be gathered from voice-related channels. Drop us a line and our team can advise you to choose the right service for your business goals.

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