Automatic quality management ROI Calculator

This calculator automatically calculates your cost savings when you integrate Automated Quality Management technology in your agent evaluation process. Please fill below the necessary fields according to your current call center metrics to see your monthly and yearly savings.

Calculator Glossary:

Number of agents responsible for customers calls

The average monthly salary of an agent

Number of team leaders responsible for managing agents

The average monthly salary of team leader

The average time spent on manual quality management tasks by team leaders

Number of people solely responsible for quality management tasks

The average monthly salary of QM Supervisor

Total cost of quality management operations currently. This is calculated by the number of team leaders and QM supervisors multiplied by their monthly salary and then multiplied by the time they spent on manual quality tasks

Benefits of Automated Quality Management

The quality evaluation is among the most labor-intensive and time-consuming tasks in a call center. With manual methods, quality teams spend hours listening to calls and can evaluate only 1-3% of them. Automated Quality Management helps call centers:

Reduce The Workload Of Quality Management Teams​​​

Decrease Time Spent With Quality Evaluation

Decrease Time Spent With Quality Evaluation