Evaluate average handling time ROI Calculator

This calculator automatically calculates your cost savings when you improve your Average Handling Time. Please fill below the necessary fields according to your current call center metrics to see your monthly savings.

Calculator Glossary:

Number of agents responsible for customers calls

The average monthly salary of an agent

The average number of calls per agent per day

The average time is the average duration of the entire customer call transaction, from the time the customer initiates the call to ending the call, including all hold times and transfers

The average % of AHT improvement per month

Benefits of evaluating Average Handling Time

Average Handle Time (AHT) is among the most important metrics in contact center management. But it requires a careful balance with the customer experience. Keeping the customers satisfied while trying to decrease average handle time is a sensitive and difficult task. Speech Analytics can help contact centers improve this KPI by:

Improving Agent Performance​

Increasing Agent Responsiveness

Decreasing Silence Rates