Customer Service Is Getting Worse – but You Can Stay Ahead

Customer Service Is Getting Worse – but You Can Stay Ahead

As a contact center professional, it’s not uncommon to hear from frustrated customers who have had negative experiences with customer service.

In recent years, customer service has been declining in quality, causing dissatisfaction and frustration among customers. However, there are still ways for contact centers to ensure that they provide the best possible service. In this article, we will discuss some of the reasons behind the decline in customer service and provide tips on how contact centers can stay ahead of the curve.


One of the primary reasons for the decline in customer service is the increasing reliance on automation and technology. While these tools can be useful in certain situations, they cannot replace the human touch that customers need to feel valued and heard. Many contact centers have cut costs by reducing the number of customer service representatives and investing in technology instead. As a result, customers are often left feeling frustrated and unheard.


Another reason for the decline in customer service is the lack of training provided to customer service representatives. Many companies do not invest enough time or resources into training their representatives, leading to poor communication skills and inadequate problem-solving abilities. This can result in frustrated customers who feel like their concerns are not being heard or resolved.


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However, there are steps contact centers can take to ensure they provide the best possible customer service. Here are some tips:


Invest in Training: Investing in ongoing training and development for customer service representatives can improve their communication skills and problem-solving abilities. This will help them better understand customer needs and provide more effective solutions to problems.

Our solution can help you better understand customer needs, improve communication skills, and provide effective solutions to problems. With RepsMate, you can easily access up-to-date data which paints a clear picture about your training gaps and needs, while also allowing you to track progress after the coaching or training sessions. It’s easier and more productive to train your employees when you know exactly which representative requires training on which procedure or soft skill.


Focus on the Human Touch: While technology and automation can be helpful, they cannot replace the human touch that customers crave. Make sure that contact center representatives are trained to empathize with customers and make them feel valued and heard.

RepsMate may be an AI-powered platform, but our goal is not to replace human interaction. Rather, we aim at enhancing human interaction by providing at-a-glance information valuable in coaching, training and improving your contact center workforce. Using RepsMate you gain immediate knowledge about your contact center’s strengths and weaknesses, about potential knowledge gaps and about individual performance. As a direct result, your Team Leaders can focus on addressing the root causes of these issues, rather than on sifting through large quantities of data to identify them.


Use Customer Feedback: Regularly ask for feedback from customers and use it to improve service quality. This can include surveys, feedback forms, or social media monitoring. Use the feedback to make necessary improvements to service quality.

RepsMate can become a real-time tracker for the voice of customers. Through emotion analytics and quality monitoring functionalities, you will be able to track and use your customers’ feedback almost instantly, while also gaining access to the actual impact your actions have on customer satisfaction metrics.

Personalize Service: Personalizing service can help build rapport with customers and make them feel valued. Use customer data to personalize service, such as addressing them by name, remembering past interactions, and tailoring solutions to their specific needs.

RepsMate has an entire business intelligence module which provides end-to-end data laid out in a visual way, with relevant charts and download options, helping you drive better business outcomes through data storytelling and analytics.

In conclusion

While customer service may be declining in quality, contact centers can still provide the best possible service by investing in ongoing training, focusing on the human touch, using customer feedback, and personalizing service. By doing so, contact centers can stay ahead of the curve and provide exceptional customer service that meets the evolving needs of customers.


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