How Speech Analytics Can Improve Call Center Performance

An ordinary day in a call center involves taking thousands of calls to meet customer requirements. The mission of each department is to ensure customer satisfaction and retention. A top-notch technology such as Artificial Intelligence has been used lately to ensure proper management but also to bring improvements in call center processes. “Speech Analytics” process is an AI technique used worldwide to ensure high-quality call purposes.

What is Speech Analytics?

In short, it is a process in which customer calls are transcribed and analyzed. The Speech Analytics solution gathers insights from recorded calls and uses automatic speech recognition to understand call center conversations. It recognizes phrases and keywords spoken during the conversation in natural language.

In the research Drivers For Deploying Speech Analytics by Opus Research, it can be concluded that the Speech Analytics process is expanding in terms of global implementation, mainly in certain verticals like the banking, financial, insurance and outsourcing sectors.

In this reality of Big Data and Analytics, the value of voice contributions directly from potential customers requires increased attention because behind them are rich sources of data that can impact the entire organization.

How Speech Analytics Can Improve Call Center Performance?

The representatives directly involved in the improvement process can obtain information about:

Workforce Management

First of all, the insights gathered can give you valuable details about the team and its performance. For example, you can easily see the agent’s performance and also see where they may need help to perform at an advanced level. Also, you can use the available insights and reports to create healthy competition within the team, or to organize group coaching sessions in order to reduce time and to cover more topics.

Compliance Management 

You can see the teams that follow the compliance procedures (GDPR, HIPAA, PSD2, PCI), and if necessary, you can intervene in a very short time to prevent missing  of mandatory disclosures, to prevent fines and high fees for infringements. You can also get valuable information about how internal policies are viewed, or whether certain procedures may test customers’ patience.

Promoter Score

Through the solution, you can get insights into how happy customers are with certain services or products. Thus, you can apply improvement solutions or answers to solve customer unhappiness faster. Hence, the improvement process is much faster.

BI about your Competition and Products

From the discussions with the customers, you can notice your competition. What are they doing better? What are they’re value-added products? Do you have solutions that can endanger your current customers? At the same time, you can do internal brainstorming with the teams to generate new solutions or to improve current processes.


Our team can advise you in choosing the right service according to your business goals. RepsMate is a Conversations Intelligence Platform that helps teams gain valuable information through Speech Analytics, Emotions Recognition, Automatic Quality and Compliance Assurance and Insights that can be gathered from Voice related channels.

@RepsMate we fundament our work on extensive research, providing our clients with evidence-based practical solutions that facilitate communication between reps & customers and make interactions count.
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