Take Your Contact Center to the next Level through Artificial Intelligence

For two years, the world has been turned upside down by the pandemic, and its effects have left marks around the world. Its pressures have led to changes in customer behaviour, and many companies rely on the expertise of dedicated teams to manage customer relationships as intelligently as possible.

In the market research conducted by The Global State of Customer Experience in 2021, it is clear that customer experience (CX) professionals identify the following as the trends they focus on:

  • Digital customer experience;
  • Customer loyalty and retention;
  •  Data and analytics.

The three trends remain at the top for two years even if the order changes, it is easy to understand that the focus remains the same.

Respondents of The Global State of Customer Experience study mention how these trends are the focus for various directions of organizations:

  • Loyalty and retention – using tools to actively listen to customers and share the feedback with stakeholders;
  • Digital transformation – one of the directions of a company is obtaining profit, and the rewards offered by CX are to be taken into account;
  •  Self-service – the power of the community has been and will remain a powerful weapon;
  •  Personalization – focus on empathy in design thinking initiatives;
  • Data and analytics – initiatives, experiences, and pilot projects meant to bring as many useful insights to the organizations as possible.

In a world of technology and data-driven, organizations have access to a lot of information, and it would be good to use it to evolve.

Looking at the power and benefits of AI technology, large organizations recognize the impact and added value. Nikhil Shoorji, managing director of Europe at Infobip, says: “[AI technologies] nurture positive relationships with customers, and they drive significant operational efficiencies.”

How Can Artificial Intelligence take your Organization to the Next Level?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions were adopted with great enthusiasm in customer services, marketing, and product design, first of all, since they allow businesses to improve the offered experiences.

Obtaining Valuable Insights

Through AI, organizations that adopt such solutions not only save costs but also obtain valuable customer information. This information can be used both for agents – helping them to provide solutions and positive experiences to customers, and for the entire organization – obtaining forecasts but also possible new business directions.

Providing a Complete User Experience

Another important benefit of AI is how it provides a complete experience for both agents and clients. For agents, the processes led by AI can help them fulfill their responsibilities as well as possible. And for customers, the fact that the problem for which they made a complaint can be solved in a very short time, maybe even during the call.

But let’s give an example. A customer, you already know, calls you for an inquiry. When your agent answers, they will need to obtain specific data from the customer in order to access their account and to verify that they can provide the most accurate information to that customer. With an AI solution built into your contact center’s answering system, you automatically can capture data, such as their phone number. It can instantly search for an order or account without the need for your customer or agent to obtain the data.

Improving the Processes

Another key benefit of AI is in the automation and augmentation of business processes. It can reduce costs and improve efficiency and growth potential by releasing resources to fulfill more important tasks.

Here are some examples of using artificial intelligence to improve customer service processes such as intelligent document processing, workforce management, post-call wrap-up, and automation of workflows and processes by robotic processes automation and process mining.

By analyzing the customer’s previous behavior, artificial intelligence-based systems can provide useful information to call center operators to improve sales or to choose the best solutions to their problems.

Customer service and support leaders seeking to use AI to improve digital and self-service customer service should ensure they have sufficient, accurate, and relevant data to support customer service insights and predictions use cases,” said Bern Elliot, vice president analyst at Gartner. “Successfully deployed AI requires high-quality data.”

The more you embrace the digital transformation of the world of artificial intelligence, the more successful your business will be. Integrate AI into your contact center strategy today and discover the many opportunities it offers for your business.

RepsMate can help you with your contact center evolution. A collaboration with RepsMate, ensures you a partner in automation and augmentation of customer service and telesales processes. From automation of internal processes to workforce intelligence, we offer solutions using state of the art technologies to help make your entire contact center more effective. Chiefly, we ensure a complete experience, the solution we offer is meant to provide help to both the end-user and the CX teams.


Our team can advise you in choosing the right service according to your business goals. RepsMate is a Conversations Intelligence Platform that helps teams gain valuable information through Speech Analytics, Emotions Recognition, Automatic Quality and Compliance Assurance and Insights that can be gathered from Voice related channels.

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